Welcome to Club Lash

We are the the North West’s premiere alternative and fetish club night. Our club nights are held monthly in Manchester City Centre, close to Deansgate Station. This year sees our 21st Birthday

Entry is £15 for non members and £10 for members.
Membership is just £20 per year.

Club Lash is

  • A safe space for anyone to explore BDSM
  • A place where all are welcome
  • A place where all are respected

Club Lash features

  • A fully equipped dungeon supplied by RWN with a viewing area
  • A dance floor where our resident DJs Midnight, DJ mini-jinny and DJ Spindles play an eclectic selection of rock, industrial, pop and dance music for your entertainment
  • A bar area to chat and catch up with friends with plenty of seating
  • A private smoking area with seating and cover from the rain.