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Club Lash was established in 1998 by four women who wanted to develop a space that would allow people of all genders and sexualities to meet together and have somewhere to live out some of their fantasies in the Fetish/SM scene. We have a long history of welcoming people new to the fetish and BDSM scene whilst also providing an atmospheric and well-equipped play space for more experienced members and guests.

The space that Club Lash has become is a friendly, open environment that allows you to express yourself without fear of judgement from others. Although Club Lash is not a swingers club or a sex club, we welcome all polite perverts.

Dress Code

Leather, rubber, PVC, lingerie, cross-dressing and character dressing (e.g. as a doctor, or school ma’am) kinky, fancy, glam, goth, drag, retro, where your imagination takes you. Character dressing is often the least expensive option, and we encourage this through giving each night a different theme. Stripping to the waist is fine, but full frontal nudity is not permitted. Dress to impress – no effort, no entry!

No street wear, trainers or blue jeans permitted.

If you have a question or are unsure, please email us via our Contact Page.

A map and directions for Rebellion Manchester can be found on our contact page

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