Leather, rubber, PVC, lingerie, cross-dressing and character dressing (e.g. as a doctor, or school ma’am) kinky, fancy, glam, goth, drag, retro, where your imagination takes you. Character dressing is often the least expensive option, and we encourage this through giving each night a different theme. Stripping to the waist is fine, but full frontal nudity is not permitted. Dress to impress – no effort, no entry!

No street wear, trainers or blue jeans permitted.

If you have a question or are unsure, please email us via our Contact Page.

Rules and Guidelines

“Do I have to play in the dungeon or do anything that I feel uncomfortable with?”

No, not at all. Club Lash is all about consent and that means that if you just want to come along and see what goes on before you jump in, that’s fine. If someone wants to do something you don’t want or makes you feel uncomfortable tell them plainly and ask them to stop. If they persist, please find a member of staff and we will be more than happy to help.

“What can I do in the dungeon?”

The play space offered by RWN provides a variety of pieces including a St Andrew’s Cross and a Rack, as well as many smaller pieces. Flogging, bondage, spanking, tickling, teasing and other inventive play are encouraged. Water sports or any play involving body fluids including blood are not permitted as we do not have the facilities.

“Is there somewhere to get changed?”

There is always somewhere to get changed at Club Lash. Many of our guests arrive in normal clothing and transform themselves on the premises. There is a changing room, please ask at the door for direction.  There’s also cloakroom which is staffed all night where your coats and bags will be completely safe.

“Nudity & Genital contact?”

Club Lash does not permit full frontal nudity. We are a friendly first step into the Fetish and BDSM scene, where our guests can enjoy themselves in a relaxed, decadent environment. There are a whole host of swingers clubs, sex clubs, dungeon events and private parties that cater for those with more adventurous tastes.

“How do I know if I can ask someone to play?”

Club Lash is a friendly, fun place where everyone can feel relaxed. If you want to speak to someone then be as polite and friendly as you would in any other situation.